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The evolution of energy source

The great thing about Quantum Block is that all the work is done for you to cut your energy costs by three times and even more. The hardest part was to find a solution for the energy consumption, and it was achieved. Our next step is to launch it.

To reduce energy consumption
"Developed for sustainable future"
What is Proof of Work? This is an algorithm that began in 1993, and after a while, this project was implemented in Bitcoin. The algorithm itself is directly related to the mining of cryptocurrency.
Briefly about the background of Quantum Block.
Initially, the invention was developed tentatively for large miners who hunt for blocks created within the blockchain network due to grouped transactions. Blocks solve a complex math problem, for which the Proof of work Problem is responsible, and when they have solved it, they receive a reward from the revealed block. And confirmed transactions are added to the blockchain. PoW in the blockchain is revealed during mining. The algorithm itself PoW is secure, simple, and convenient, but it also has a number of disadvantages, and one of them is the huge consumption of electro energy.
Litecoin PoW
PoW Ethereum
PoW Bitcoin
work on the basis of this algorithm.
Our aim was to find solutions to reduce the cost of energy that consumes Proof of work (PoW) or Mining.
What is Quantum Block?
Quantum Block
The generator acts as a power amplifier. When connecting the Quantum Block to the existing electrical networks, it works as a secondary generator of electrical energy, increasing the total electrical power of the local electrical network to 3 times.
Will fit to be used as a power amplifier in existing energy systems and in alternative sources of electric energy generation.
Who is this Quantum Block for?
Main consumer groups:
Wind Power
Solar Power
Plant Power
PoW/Mining Farm
Urban Environment
and also other generating companies using alternative energy sources, which have the right to supply electricity to the grid.
Quantum Block
Version 1
Version 2
Why Quantum Block created?

Quantum Block was developed to reduce the huge consumption of energy from mining farms. Due to the functionality of mechanical work, it will reduce costs by three times which allows continuing mining without causing harm to the environment, suitable to a wide range of industries not only for mining farms. The invention by the functionality is developed to solve the energy problem globally.

How does work the Quantum Block?
Size: 50x50x50 cm.
Size: 180x80x80 cm.
Detailed workflow
Quantum Block & LRCO
To covert the heat of
the environment into electro energy
Screen tracking
the consumption and expenses
To connect the main
source and the following sources

"New Paradigm of Energy Source"

Quantum Block & LRCO
Advantages and Disadvantages
Widely used
Increasing the total electrical power of the local electrical network
Able to supply electricity to the grid
The minimum power for consumers is 250 kW
The maximum power is 470 kW
Increases from 3 to 9 times the production of electric energy in the existing mini-power systems without increasing fuel consumption
Works with existing power plants
Accelerate able the transition to fuel-free
Environmentally friendly
Economically profitable energy
Multiplication of the power of existing natural sources
Converts the heat of the environment into electricity
Only connects to a suitable network
Suitable where a lot of electricity is consumed
The price will not please everyone

"Green energy is renewable but not all renewable energy is green"


Many people know that oil, gas, and coal come from natural sources and they are depleted every year and they take hundreds of millions of years to form, and they cannot be replaced. Once they are over, the situation will be catastrophic. And unfortunately, fossil fuels give off dirty, harmful carbon emissions that clog the air we breathe. Burning fossil fuels creates the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions, in terms of global warming greenhouse gases - a major perpetrator. To tackle climate change, we will eventually have to move from traditional fossil fuels to cleaner, cleaner energy sources. In order to prevent such catastrophic situations, we should not expect its peak, you should think about it today and take off the right solutions.

What is Quantum Block?
It is the name of the invention that is were developed for energy problem solution.
Can I connect the Quantum Block to my home?
Yes, if the mains power is suitable.
How to buy a Quantum Block?
Currently, the new design is being finalized, and it will be possible to buy it by paying LRCO tokens.
Where it will be possible to get acquainted in detail about the invention?
More details coming soon.
Note: The images of the Quantum Block are an improved version of an existing invention. 3D prototype for a new design.