The Luxury Royal Coin (LRCO)
Eco - Chain Platform Team.

We are obsessed with quality but with an iterative, fast-paced approach. We are proud of what we accomplish.
We are focused to operate under full transparency. Our success is depended on that commitment.
Valerii Klipikov
Founder & CEO
Aleksandr Goliakov

Chief Marketing Officer


Wladislav Schander
Chief Project Officer
Roman Lakatos
Backend/Frontend Developer
Each member of the Luxury Royal Coin team has successfully passed the KYC verification and the Luxury Royal Coin (LRCO) smart contract has successfully passed the audit by the Block Audit Report.

See the full audit report here
LRCO KYC Passed Team
"We focused on the implementation of projects that are essential for the environment. We believe that the right pathway takes all of us to the next level"