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  • Why create this Quantum Block?
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We can't ignore the fact that our environment is constantly changing. As our environment changes, so do the need to become aware of the problems that surround it. With a massive influx of natural disasters, warming, different types of weather patterns, and much more, people need to be aware of what types of environmental problems our planet is facing. Ignoring these facts, we increasingly expose world data to catastrophic situations. Fully surrendering to a certain occupation, work, or hobby, we do not pay attention to the state of natural resources, we almost completely forget that they are exhausted. The whole world and almost everything that consumes electricity in it, and what will happen soon if we don’t think about it and start taking measures for its sustainability for our new generation, will the natural resources still be available? This is a difficult question. Luxury Royal Coin is searching and working on innovative projects in order to create a sustainable future. Luxury Royal Coin believes in an eco-friendly approach to save World data.

The Luxury Royal Coin project started in June 2021, distributed and self-organized, based on the international inventors and designers, the team focusing on sustainable development and ecosystem projects for the sustainability of world data. Our eco-chain platform is especially to provide support for innovative projects that are able to solve environmental problems, such as world energy problems, pollution in the natural environment, recycling, and the development of eco products.

Luxury Royal Coin has become one of the few blockchain platforms with real-world innovation projects that are able to solve environmental problems across multiple sectors worldwide. Luxury Royal Coin aims to enable its designers and inventors to adopt blockchain solutions for the implementation of innovative projects and create a powerful and sustainable ecosystem in environmental, economical, and social environments.

Luxury Royal Coin responsibly interacts with innovative projects to maintain natural resources and avoid jeopardizing the environment's ability of future. Luxury Royal Coin has only efficient and innovative projects for the development of a sustainable future, which are necessary today to save world data.
We develop from the blockchain space and build only essential projects which will solve environmental problems. Our integration into the blockchain makes it easier, more efficient, for the implementation of projects for a sustainable future. Here we are accessible to all, allowing further expansion of growth. Decentralization is a great way to a process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision - making, are easily distributed and drive information with our community. Luxury Royal Coin eco - chain platform empowers everyone to participate in a financial marketplace that is transparent, open, and accessible. Luxury Royal Coin has a unique system of tokenomics, which works in combination with the sustainable project, providing each other durability for the long term.

Our combination of real-world projects and blockchain allows us to implement new ideas and drive them across the world. Our unique way fast to implement a project and bring it to life to solve multiple problems across the world, to improve our quality of life, healthiness, and sustainability of the environment. Luxury Royal Coin's approach of solvation of one major problem will allow solving multiple other problems.

Luxury Royal Coin has more than 30 projects in multiple sectors and all projects are innovative and more of them have no analogs.
  • Products of daily consumption
  • Eco-friendly food
  • Human safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Health
Of all the above, the main project we already have started to work on is Quantum Block for development and mass production. The product that is needed today and is widely used, and works well as the second generator in sectors such as:
  • Wind Power
  • Plant Power
  • Solar Power
  • Mining Farm
  • Factory
  • Urban Environment
Luxury Royal Coin is operated under full transparency. Our success is dependent on that commitment. This ensures that Luxury Royal Coin is following eco-friendly procedures and stays secure all the way.
All results of Luxury Royal Coin, updates, goal achievement, implementations, and plans will be published on the Luxury Royal Coin website and also will be published on the updated version of Whitepaper and Lightpaper.

Project collaboration

"The invention to solve energy problem"

When connecting the Quantum Block to the existing electrical networks, such as Wind Power, Solar Power, Plant Power, etc. it works as a secondary generator of electrical energy, increasing the total electrical power of the local electrical network from 2 to 3 times even more.
The Quantum Block fully confirms the declared efficiency factor of the device equal to Kef = 4.21.

What does this Quantum Block do?

The Quantum Block, by the functionality of mechanical operation, is able to reduce energy costs by three times, without harming the environment. Quantum Block directly converts the heat of the environment into electricity. The principle of operation allows the reconstruction of existing AC induction motors into motor generators. The technology used in the Quantum Block and the invention itself are an exceptional novelty, unparalleled in the world.

Who is this Quantum Block for?

The Quantum Block is a secondary generator of electrical energy which is structurally is an asynchronous-synchronous motor-generator. It works well with existing power systems and generates additional power without fuel consumption, reducing fuel consumption in the primary cycle, for example, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, diesel and gas piston power plants of high power, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which allows meeting the quantitative obligations under the Kyoto Protocol 1997, preventing overheating of the Earth's atmosphere. The manufacturing technology of the engine generator complies with the environmental production standards in the electrical industry.

Why create this Quantum Block?

To solve the energy problem of the world, to reduce the huge consumption of energy from mining farms, Quantum Block was developed. Due to the functionality of mechanical work, it will reduce costs by three times which allows continuing mining without causing harm to the environment, suitable to a wide range of industries not only for mining farms. The Quantum Block is suitable to be used as a power amplifier in existing energy systems and in alternative sources of electricity generation. The market of alternative energy is of the greatest interest to a potential investor since it shows the highest growth rates in recent years and creates a reserve for a maximum return on investment. The main consumer groups are solar power plants and other companies that use alternative energy sources, which have the right to supply electricity to the grid. Also suitable for the European energy system, because of the possibility of the return of the received electricity to the existing networks.

How does work Quantum Block?

The Quantum Block consumes electricity from the main source, amplifies the power, and transmits it in the required size to the next sources such as Mining farm or Household electronics, wash machine, fridge, etc.

The mechanical functionality of Quantum Block has the ability to generate in itself power in three times more from the size of takes from main resources.

Future Work
We are working hard to implement the production of the Quantum Block on a large scale so that it is available globally. We believe that our integration into the blockchain will bring a successful result for the set goals. Our task is to make the Quantum Block accessible to the whole world, as this will serve to ensure the sustainability of the environment in many aspects.
LRCO (Luxury Royal Coin) is ecosystem for sustainable future